Silent Memoir starkly contrasts converging global crises with the surreal tragi-comedy of our Western assumptions for normality. The facts are widely published elsewhere. This book is an alarum to our precarious human situation—and an emotional tale of struggle for a new dawn.


Personal, hard-hitting and confrontational, this is the conversation we need all now to be willing to engage in. 

 ‘Great stuff! All very readable in a stream of consciousness…and hitting the issues that affect so many of us.’  Oliver Tickell (Author of ‘Kyoto 2: How to Manage the Global Greenhouse’)


‘Am I going crazy or is it the world around me? Silent Memoir brings so many conflicting ideas together and gives a ray of hope that we can change before we have to.’  Dr Mandy Meikle (WISE – Women in Sustainability and Environment)






(You can read Silent Memoir on line by navigating Contents in the side bar. Or you can email for a pdf  to silentmemoir(at)gmail(dot)com.  Also available by Book Crossing. You can leave a comment below.)


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